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Seeking a Veterinary Text Messaging Solution? 

Look no further.

VetTools Messaging offers everything you need in a budget-friendly, feature-rich text and voice messaging platform inspired by and crafted for veterinarians. 

So if better communication with veterinary texting is your goal, this plan is for you!

You won't believe all that's included...

Text Messages

  • Landline Texting
  • Unlimited Individual Texts
  • 2-way MMS Images
  • Receive Video Texts

Your Patient Records

  • Stats (Species, Breed, Age, Weight, Tag, ID)
  • Medical History
  • Reminder Status

Management Tools

  • Notifications
  • Auto-Reply 
  • Templates
  • Reports

Your Client Records

  • Contact Details
  • SMS Communication History
  • Accounting Info

Appointment Messaging

  • Your Full Appointment & Boarding Schedule
  • Confirmations
  • Follow-Ups

Flexible Platform

Get some phone flexibility.

Got the overloaded phone line blues?

COVID-19 has made curbside service a necessity for most veterinary practices. Your clients may love the new convenience, but you may be finding your practice phone lines overloaded with the extra calls to clients while your team manages curbside service. If these phone woes sound familiar, you'll love your VetTools Messaging virtual phone feature.

You and your authorized team members can use VetTools Messaging to make outgoing calls from your mobile phones, computers, and tablets with your practice appearing as the caller

This kind of added flexibility can give your team more power to keep things running smoothly and your outgoing phone lines a much-needed rest.

Or maybe you'd simply like to be able to call clients from anywhere, at your convenience, without sharing your mobile phone number? You can do that, too! So go catch dinnertime with your family or that goat yoga class and make a few callbacks after from your favorite comfy chair. 

Practice Management Software Integration

For efficient, engaging text messaging.

View records from your PM Software

Create custom templates

Receive video texts

Send appointment communications

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All sent from your landline number for instant recognition!

Attach images

No contracts. No cancellation fees.

As a member of the VIN Family, we're happy to offer a VIN Member discount to practices with at least one VIN member on staff. 

VIN Members


Not a VIN Member? No problem. We welcome VIN members and non-members alike!

Non-VIN Members




But if VetTools Messaging isn't a good fit for your veterinary practice, you may cancel at anytime with no penalties.

We think you'll LOVE getting your text on.

(per practice)

(per practice)

Save time and improve communication.

Avoid the Voicemail Vortex

Not sure veterinary text messaging is for you? 

Check out these 6 ways it will help you save tons of time at your practice, while engaging your clients where they're already spending their time - on their phones!

Send a quick text after you leave a detailed voicemail, to avoid those "I saw you called me?" callbacks.

Decrease No-Shows

Confirm your appointments using custom templates. View confirmation status at a glance.

Offer advanced support and increase at-home compliance with post-visit check-in texts.

Follow Up on Patients

Make Clients Feel Connected

Help clients feel connected to their hospitalized and boarding pets with MMS image texts.

Let Images Speak

Add invaluable at-home visual clues to your diagnostic process by receiving video texts.

Spread Good News Quickly

Notify owners of negative heartworm and fecal test results with a few simple clicks.

Risk-free 30 day free trial.

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30 Day FREE Trial

Looking for more

VetTools also offers a complete client engagement platform for veterinarians, featuring text messages PLUS automated appointment communications, marketing campaigns, reminders, surveys and reviews, health alerts, and so much more.